Meaningful Stone Beads

At Halcraft Collection we know that words have strength and allure, and we also know that stone beads can have a meaning of their own. We decided to combine the two together to develop the Meaningful Stone beads. We chose significant words and had them carved and enameled into the surface of beautiful semi-precious stone beads. Let these inspiring sentiments framed by natural semi-precious stone bring more meaning to your jewelry designs. Faith, Dream, Inspire, Trust, Love, Peace, and Imagine are some of the words expressed on the surface of these beads on both sides. Connect the meaning of the words with the significance and meaning of the stones. Rose quartz is a symbol of unconditional love; green aventurine is said to ease mental and emotional trauma; red jasper is an ancient stone known for its power of healing; dolomite is known as a stone that cools strong and fiery emotions. Let our Meaningful Stone beads bring meaning and sentiment to your jewelry designs.