Horn Beads

Halcraft Collection includes a variety of horn beads. These horn beads are handcrafted from the horns of farmed buffalo. Horn beads are an especially wonderful way to add color, texture, and personality to your beaded jewelry designs. The Halcraft Collection includes horn beads sourced in the Philippines and in India. They come in colors of natural cream as well as deep, dark, rich black. Horn is a natural material that perfectly accepts etching and carving, so many of the surfaces of our horn beads are etched with fantastic textures or polished to a bright shine. Some of our horn beads include both black- and cream-colored pieces and feature intricate swirls or two-toned designs to make them appealing as focal beads as well as accent beads. You will enjoy adding the wide variety of horn beads available from the Halcraft Collection to your own beaded jewelry-making stash when you shop our website today.