Hemp Cord

The Halcraft Collection is proud to share a variety of hemp cord stringing materials to help you grow your jewelry-making stash and skills. 

Hemp cord is a natural cord made from the hemp plant. Industrial hemp is a sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry-making material. It can be twisted, braided, and woven into jewelry and it is mold and mildew resistant. 

The Halcraft Collection includes hemp in thirty-foot lengths and four-hundred-foot lengths. Both are 1mm in diameter and are a natural color. Hemp cord will carry color and can be dyed to match your project. It is safe to get hemp cord wet, but when it gets wet it tends to tighten up and then relax so that it gets softer each time it gets wet. This makes hemp jewelry weather relatively well, but because it is a natural material it will break down over time.

Hemp jewelry has a great boho feel that works very well with the larger hole beads available in the Halcraft Collection.