Head Pins & Eye Pins

Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a selection of head pins and eye pins to you because we know how important these basic workhorses of jewelry-making can be. You need head pins and eye pins to make earrings, linked necklaces, and linked bracelets. 

We love giving you a variety of both silver-tone products as well as our .925 silver head pins for that special project you’re making for a very special loved one. Our .925 silver head pins are available in a basic ball head pin design as well as fancy head pins with hearts and wrapped loop beaded dangles attached. 

Halcraft Collection’s silver-tone head pins are available in a bulk in a 200-piece Super Bundle or in smaller quantities. We have both the flat-topped head pins and the ball head pins as well as various lengths of eye pins so that you don’t need to trim or waste as much wire when making an involved project such as a rosary with many links.