Glass Pendants

The Halcraft Collection is proud of its extremely large Glass Pendant selection! From beaded tassels with rhinestone-encrusted caps to handmade art, we are proud to bring you lots of variety as well as high-quality pendants. For a little bit of fun, choose our Miyuki beaded pendants in Halloween and holiday themes. Choose a handmade glass seahorse pendant as a focal point for your necklace that celebrates your trip to the ocean. Some of our most popular glass pendants are glass drops that contain tiny glass mushrooms to make perfectly playful pendants.

Glass pendants have a great shine and they are extremely versatile. The key to good glass pendants is good glass. Glass pendants need to be good-looking and also durable. Our faceted glass pendants are made using hard glass that does not chip or cut or dropped on most surfaces. A luster is often added to create more shine as well. Glass Pendants are a beautiful and affordable staple to add to your jewelry-making collection.

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