Craft Wire

The Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a wide variety of stringing materials from cord to thread to wire to give you options to grow your jewelry-making stash and skills. 

The craft wire category is made of Artistic and German wire. Both are considered craft wires, and they are great options for wire working projects such as handmade rings, wire-wrapped found object pendants, and basic wire work. Artistic Wire is “dead soft,” so it is better for freeform projects. If you are using a wire jig to make shapes, Artistic Wire is a great fit. Artistic Wire can also come in a variety of colors outside of the typical metal tones.

German wire is medium hardness, and it holds its shape a little better but takes more effort to shape. It is better for projects that need a little more precision such as a delicately wrapped stone with wire woven into patterns to make a pendant. 

Enjoy the variety of options and find just what you need for your project in the Halcraft Collection!