Halcraft Collection is proud to supply a variety of crimps, crimp covers, and EZ Crimp Ends to finish your jewelry-making projects professionally. 

Crimp tubes are available in silver-plated, gold-plated, copper, and gunmetal finishes, and we have silver-plated crimps in a variety of sizes that will fit various widths of flexible beading wire.

Crimp covers in gold and silver tones are easy to apply over the crimped tube or bead with large crimping pliers so that the crimps become practically invisible in your jewelry design.

EZ-Crimp Ends are a great option for seamless jewelry designs in that they are like a crimp and a jump ring combined. Simply crimp the flexible beading wire into the tube attached to the ring and you’re ready to go! They work with flexible beading wires up to .026 inches in diameter. 

Shop our variety packs of crimp tubes (600 included!) or purchase a 300-count silver crimp tube super bundle if you need all the same size!