Cord & Wire Ends

Halcraft Collection has a variety of cord ends for your jewelry-making projects. 

Memory wire end caps are used to hold beads onto a memory wire bracelet. They are small balls with only one hole in which you place a small drop of glue before fitting onto each end of your memory wire bracelet.

Bead tips are the perfect endings for your corded or flexible beading wire projects. Simply close the clamshell over your knotted silk cord or the flattened crimp tube on flexible beading wire, then make a loop with round-nose pliers to connect to your clasp or jump ring.

Spring coil ends work best for larger cords such as suede or leather cording. To secure a spring coil, place a small drop of glue on the cord, feed it into the coil, and then use chain-nose pliers to flatten the tail end and a couple of loops of the coil over the cord. 

French wire is a wonderful way to finish your project and works well with both silk cording and flexible beading wire. Cut a piece of French wire about ⅓” long. Slide it onto your stringing material, so that it can protect your cord from abrasion against the clasp or jump ring.