Kingman AZ USA Turquoise Semi Precious Stone Medium Nugget 6x9mm approx.


As a dream come true for Halcraft, we are proud to present stunning turquoise of an extraordinary quality and consistency to our beading family.

Kingman Mine, based in Arizona, offers a treasure chest of premium A quality turquoise beads featuring blue and aqua hues delineated by moderating creams and browns in beautiful striations.  Made in the USA, these exquisitely stabilized turquoise beads will bring your creations to life and showcase your style.

Specializing in the creation of turquoise beads and pendants since 1987, they have mastered the art of stabilization and lapidary work on turquoise. Their years of dedication and experience provide an ability to sort and strand beads to perfectly match a wide array of hues. 

Please note that bead hues may differ slightly from order to order, however, all beads are authentic Made in the USA Kingman Mine Turquoise, regardless of whether they are a lighter blue or a darker aqua.

Turquoise Treasures: A Tantalizing Technique

Raw turquoise is known as “chalk" due to its softness, similar to sidewalk chalk. With such a softness, mined turquoise is not hard enough for jewelry making purposes, so it must be stabilized.

The stabilization process is entirely completed in the company’s factory in New Mexico, which allows them to guarantee the dignity of the stones. Their stabilization process uses a clear resin to harden the stone and achieve a glossy shine without compromising the natural color or composition of the stone. The process involves soaking each stone in resin to fill every pore within the stone to fully solidify the turquoise.

Be assured that no stone is made synthetically from reconstituted turquoise. Because of their unique stabilization process, stones produced by their factory will not crumble like chalk.  Should you chip or break a stone, simply polish the chipped area to match the rest of the stone. Your chipped stone will be given a new life instead of being cast away.

We are thrilled for you to take the plunge to create brilliant jewelry using these beauties. These turquoise treasures will shine with the same pride we have for our beading family.


Type: Beads

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