Super Bundles, Kits, Mixes, & Multi-packs

The Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a wide variety of Mixes, Super Bundles, Kits, and Multi-Packs to you to give you options to grow your jewelry-making stash.

Our Super Bundles are larger than usual amounts of items packaged together for a deep discount.

Our Kits include a mix of materials that you can use to make specific projects, such as our Pretty Palette kits which are made with color themes, or our Stringing Basics kits, which are what you need to get started on beading projects.

Our Mixes are made up of a mix of different items of the same type, for example coordinating beads, that you can buy in bulk for myriad stringing options.

Finally, our Multi-packs are made up of the same items in a variety of sizes. These products give new beaders the opportunity to invest in their bead stash by buying a variety of items, or, if you’re making in batches, it enables you to buy large quantities of items at a discounted bundled price. By shopping our Bundles, Kits, Mixes, and Multi-Packs you’ll save big!