Metal Beads

  • The Halcraft Collection is chock full of beautiful Metal beads. Some are the basic workhorses of your jewelry-making experience, such as the perfect spacer beads which allow more intricate beads that surround them to shine! Halcraft Collection takes pride in its metal beads and in the plating that is used to coat and finish them.
  • Halcraft Collection carefully labels its metal beads as rhodium-plated, silver-plated, silver-tone plated, 14-Karat gold-plated, or gold-tone plated in the product description. We want you to get what you pay for and be secure in knowing what you are buying and using in your beaded jewelry designs. We even have .995 pure silver beads that you can choose from as well!

  • For our cast metals, we pride ourselves on designing original beads based on traditional designs, and on utilizing high-quality metal molds so that the designs are more detailed. Many of our competitor’s metal beads are made with rubber molds that provide less detail and lose their quality much more quickly as molten metal is used.
  • We hope that you will fall in love with the many designs and styles of Metal beads on our site that will help you bring your imagination to life in your jewelry designs.

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