Glass Beads

Glass beads are a bright and beautiful way to create special jewelry designs. It is incredible that they have changed and improved throughout the millennia as we have improved our technologies and abilities to work and finish glass of all sorts.

There are glass beads that have been carbon dated back to 2,200 BC, in Mesopotamia; and glass beads and baubles were found in the tomb of the famous Egyptian King, Tutankhamen. Early glass beads were created from different sand types in high temperature fires or kilns, and they were basic in color, shape and finish.

As far back as the early 1300's in Murano, Italy, however, glass factories were creating everything ranging from tiny seed beads to elaborate lamp work beads and pendants, as well as basic Millefiori (thousand flower) beads that were made from another technical process of creating canes out of different glass colors, and stretching them thin over great distances while the glass was molten-hot, enabling the designs inside the cane to be consistent and uniform enough to create beautiful patterns on the surface of beads and pendants.

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