Coral Beads

These beautiful coral beads are very special because of the ability for Halcraft Collection to provide them to jewelry designers without causing any negative impact to the environment and to Sea Life.

The Halcraft Collection Coral Beads are a special type of coral that has been named "Bamboo Coral" because of the way that it grew when it was alive, thousands of years ago, into elongated rods of coral that had sub-sections within them, much like the look of sticks of bamboo. However, the bamboo coral that is used in the bamboo beads that Halcraft Collection sells is actually fossilized coral that has been mined like stone from either the sea floor or from high mountains, where they were deposited over the millennia from tectonic shifts in the Earth's surface.

Halcraft has genetically tested these materials to confirm that they are a mined mineral rather than a living coral, because the coral reefs of this planet are so limited in size and number, and also so important to a wide variety of sea life and sea colonies, that they absolutely need to be protected.

There are different sorts of coral that companies are able to apply for licenses to legally mine and utilize in art and in jewelry, but these are protected by CITES laws and agreements, outlining the protection of all life on Earth, and especially of threatened or endangered species and the environments that allow them to thrive.

We are proud to have been able to find an alternate coral material that is 100% safe to mine and utilize for manufacturing, and that takes red dye beautifully and polishes up beautifully, so that our customers can truly call their jewelry utilizing this material "coral" while also knowing that they are not doing any harm to any sea life or sea environments to which coral is so important.