Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads are derived from the ancient art of clay and ceramic design, perfected over generations of artisans, improving with technology, ever since humankind first tamed fire. Modern Ceramic Beads, such as those available on our Halcraft Collection website, are finished in industrial kilns that fuse the clay together into a hardened design, and fuse the coatings and glazes in a polished and colorful surface finish. Whether the beads are hand painted or machine printed before the final glazing process, the fabulous designs range from fun to classic, kitchy to mesmerizing.

Using similar manufacturing methods to porcelain dish ware, these ceramic beads have a beautiful finished polish and shine to them, and with the proper care they will last for generations. Use these creative and authentic Ceramic Beads in any of your jewelry designs or other creative projects to make a lasting impression and to tell a story in the designs that you create.