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Pretty Palettes :: November Inspiration :: Photo Contest

Pretty Palettes :: November Inspiration :: Photo Contest

November 03, 2016

Hello Pretty Palettes Peeps! When I started this challenge in October 2013, I had no idea where this path would lead me. Personally, I love a good challenge. I like the way it stretches my creativity and gets my mojo working. As I said in my first post... I want you to fearlessly embrace all the colors in the crayon box and mix palettes that you never would have found yourself using before. You might find that once you conquer your notions of a certain color that it will creep into your designs giving new life and power to your creativity. I particularly love sharing a challenge with friends. And that is exactly what the Pretty Palettes has been all these years: a way to share our love of beading - and color - with friends.

Today is a special edition of Pretty Palettes. Our team put out a special call for fall photographs from readers of the Halcraft Facebook page. From photos submitted by readers, our Design Team pared the list down to four finalists, created color palettes for each and put them to a vote. The winner of the photo contest is..... Susan Conaway! Her photo of Lamb's Ears and Maple Leaves came out on top in the votes. But it was a close one! Miss Susan is an accomplished fiber artist so we are delighted to have her artistic eye lead us to our Pretty Palette for November! Here is the photo that she submitted and the color palette that was generated from it. nov2016 There is a softness in these colors that feels much like wrapping yourself in a grey cashmere fog of a blanket and snuggling in with your favorite cup of something hot to take away the chill. This picture is a reminder that even once the leaves have fallen from their branches that there is still a lot of rich color to be found, even on the ground! To go with these colors I selected the following beads from the Halcraft Collection. nov-2016_beads_edited-2 Beads from l to r: Halcraft Collection - a deep rusty opaque red Halcraft Collection - a little bit of aqua flash, with a nice irregular finish like the forest floor Halcraft Collection - I love the shape of these and the fact that the holes are off-center Halcraft Collection - I have been drawn to this shape since I first saw them, a nod to the leaves on the ground Halcraft Collection - an opaque, slightly mottled finish to bring in that rusty rose color Halcraft Collection - a nice dark contrast and a different shape I had a little trouble finding the exact hues for this palette (my Halcraft is pretty small and also in the midst of the changeover for the holidays), so I substituted with some of the colors I spotted in the photo. The russet red for the dusty marsala and the charcoal gray for the sueded brown color. There were so many other beads that I could have chosen for the light blue, and I was actually carrying around a more copper toned palette for the rose-orange color. And the shapes... you know I like to mix up shapes and sizes and finishes and textures.

There were little leaf charms that I loved but I thought were a bit too literal. Besides I adore that stylized shape of the leaf tube beads and the off kilter circles which will surely be an interesting challenge. Basically, there were a lot of options for this palette that you, the readers, have chosen! So find the ones that suit you best! We are looking forward to doing a similar challenge in the spring, so watch for that. But in the meantime, we would love to have you play along - ask a friend to join you - with this special palette and show us how it inspires you! ___________________________________________ In addition to the photo challenge, there was a giveaway for one of the key chain/purse fobs that I made for the October Pretty Palettes challenge. I asked for just a comment about how you had paid it forward in October or what you did to be good to yourself. Some wonderful answers! I used the Random.org number generator and the winner is.... oct_random Aileen Goldstein! Miss Aileen, you have won your choice of one of the three Bling It Forward key chains: Hope, Believe or Survivor. As soon as I know your choice I will mail that right out to you to treat yourself... or to pay it forward! __________________________________________ We are so thankful that you choose to be inspired by what we do at Halcraft, on our blog and Facebook community. I am always excited to see what others do with the challenge that I put forth. We look forward to seeing what you do with this month's special anniversary challenge. Make something inspired by the photo above and the color palette, using the beads I selected or finding ones that you like best, and come back here on November 30th for the reveal! See you then! Save

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