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Pretty Palettes - December Reveal - Vintage Bubbly

Pretty Palettes - December Reveal - Vintage Bubbly

December 01, 2019

“Old Champagnes are one of the very few wines to which the word ‘nectar' can justly be applied.” For the earrings, I simply added some jump rings and some dangles. I like a good swingy earring, and these are a statement piece all by themselves.
Egyptian Cuff by Barb Switzer Egyptian Cuff by Barb Switzer
A tribute to champagne, you say? Oh yeah, I'm in, baby. I LOVE champagne. Everything about it—the sound of a popping cork, the bubbles, the crystal flutes, the romance of clinking glasses. Oh, and the taste. Mmm-hmmm. This champagne-y multi-strand necklace has lots of bubbly-looking crystals and mixed metal beads, but to really take it to the next level, I added some hematite— the black, shiny representation of caviar. champagne-caviar-white-logolr In the interest of full disclosure, I've only tasted caviar a couple of times, and never the GOOD stuff, since it costs, like, $879.00 per bite. And that's not even a BIG bite. That's per micro-bite. Like, imagine an amoeba-sized bite, and that's $879.00. I mean, that's pretty hard to justify unless you're on the Kardashian's party list. Hematite beads, on the other hand, are totally affordable, although I would avoid serving them on crackers or anything,* as they are traditionally used for decorative purposes only. Cheers!

*Insert legal disclaimer here about not being responsible for damages caused by ingesting hematite beads, blah blah.

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