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Sumatran Jewelry Set

Sumatran Jewelry Set

April 14, 2018

Sumatran Jewelry Set - The elephant motif continues to trend into Spring/Summer 2018. In America we admire these creatures at the zoo, they entertain us at the circus or strand in line at Disneyland to go on the Dumbo ride. Did you know that elephants have served as a symbol for royalty, worshiped as deities and in Asia have been beasts of burden in war in peace. Their size and strength have captured the hearts of civilizations. Their ivory tusks are have been a sought after prize for centuries making these animals endangered.

Sumatran Necklace

Today we are inspired by the elephant. Our first board is titled "Sumatran Necklace." This necklace was handcrafted using Bead Gallery:

  • aqua mix glass 6mm rounds,
  • silver-plated small smooth round
  • silver-plated elephant pendant

The findings are an antique silver tone.

Sumatran Bracelet

Our next design is the "Sumatran Bracelet." Memory wire is a great beginner project. If you have not created a memory wire bracelet then this is a must-try project. This bracelet was handcrafted using Bead Gallery:

  • aqua mix glass 6mm rounds
  • silver-plated small smooth round
  • light sapphire glass 6mm
  • silver-plated metal oval beads
  • hematite stone aqua luster 2mm
  • green glass cube mix 4mm
  • silver-plated small smooth round
  • aqua opaque table cut glass
  • crystal glass small oval faceted
  • blue aqua quartzite round 6mm
  • silver glass small drop
  • Charm Gallery elephant charms

Sumatran Earrings

Lastly we have the "Sumatran Earrings." These earrings are handcrafted using Bead Gallery aqua mix glass 6mm rounds. denise Save

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