Stocking Stuffer Earring Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Earring Ideas

December 08, 2019

Great stocking stuffer ideas--other than the standard golden Christmas coins which a standard at my house--are sometimes hard to come by. If you're looking for a great gift that is easy to make and won't break your holiday budget, stocking stuffer earrings are perfect! This past week, I noticed a great idea on the Earrings Everyday blog. If you've never visited this blog, head over thataway, and bring a cup of tea--you'll want to browse the beautiful projects for a while, I'm sure. The creativity of the designers who participate is fantastic, and they host a monthly challenge in which YOU can participate as well! Halcraft bead team designer, Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati, hosted this month's challenge, which encourages participants to "Keep Calm & Use Your Leftovers." Brilliant! As a perk, Erin will be giving away a prize worth $40 to the lucky winner of a drawing on Christmas Eve! Just create and post about your earrings to enter!
The Earrings Everyday blog shows you how to keep your expenses low and your creativity high with the Leftovers Challenge!
I keep my leftover beads in a crystal bowl that used to belong to my grandma. I feel like it gives them a feeling of being unique instead of extraneous. Beads have feelings too, you know? We don't want to make any of them feel cast-off! The HORROR!
Grandma's crystal bowl is put to good use in my bead studio!
I've also found that keeping my leftovers in small bags or tins according to color is helpful when diving back into them. Here are a couple of my tiny stashes.
ppleftovers The most recent Pretty Palettes had one of my favorite color selections, and I couldn't bear to part these pretties from one another.
pinkleftovers These pretty pink leftovers are begging to be put to good use!
In the end, I chose to dig into this baggie of beads I've had sitting on my work table. I love the colors and was dying to pour them out onto my bead mat!
This bag of blues, greens, & golds had been tempting me for some time!
So that's just what I did! yummy

Let's get this Monday Make started!

Here's what you'll need for a stocking stuffer earring leftover party in your studio:

WARNING: making leftover-bead earrings is seriously addictive.

I ended up using just a few of the beads to make three different styles of earrings for you today, and I was tempted to keep going all day! The more I played around with the beads, the more I wanted to experiment. I was making stuff as well as cleaning up my studio & it doesn't get much better than that!
These tassel earrings are fun in that I used up some of the bits of chain that I had lying around my studio. I hate to throw away chain unless it's less than an inch long, and this was the perfect way to use it. One could also use a bead cap and create a larger tassel with an even more miscellaneous chain. Click for PDF instructions!
simple-sweet What makes these Simple & Sweet earrings, so simple and sweet, is that they're just stacked beads. Still, each bead has something special: the bottom one is faceted and opaque, the next one up is that lovely clear with a slightly matte finish, the next one is faceted fire-polished Czech glass, then we're topped off with a turquoise E bead. The jumping between the stack and the ear wire will give these a little extra movement when they're worn. Click for PDF instructions!
celtic-blues These faceted rondells are some of my favorite in the blues bunch. Their bold colors make them perfect for linking together in an ombré effect that will have great movement when worn. The matte gold glass bicones at the top give a great balance to the Celtic charms that dangle from the bottom. Click for PDF instructions!

Thank you for the great idea, Erin & the rest of the Earrings Everyday bloggers! We'll be following your beautiful blog in the future!


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